About us

Non-Resident Nepali National Coordination Council, the  Netherlands (NRN-NCC NL) is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental  organization of Nepalese citizen and the people of Nepali origin (PNO) living,  working and studying in the Netherlands. This is a common forum of Nepalese  communities in the Netherlands and the Dutch well wishers of Nepal striving to  contribute to the socio-economic development of Nepal through various measures.  It is guided by the motto “FOR NEPALI BY NEPALI”. NRN-NCC NL is governed by its  statute.

The National  Coordination Council of the NRNA in The Netherlands was established in December  2005. It aims to achieve the objectives mentioned above. It is officially  registered in The Netherlands according to the Dutch law. It works closely with  other organizations in The Netherlands that are contributing to the development  of Nepal. The NRN-NCC NL appeals to all Nepalese living and working in The  Netherlands as well as to friends of Nepal to support the initiatives of the  NRN-NCC NL regarding Nepal and its citizens, living abroad.